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10 Reasons I Love CVS

I’m sure by now you can tell that I have a deep affinity for CVS. To help you understand why I am so enthusiastic about CVS, I have put together this list of reasons why it is my go-to spot for health and a lot of my personal shopping!

  1. Extra Rewards Bucks
    Who doesn’t love free money? You can earn extra rewards bucks, which are essentially dollars that you can then turn around and spend there on your next purchase. CVS pays out Extra Rewards bucks quarterly based on your spending and with purchases of special items. You’re going to spend the money anyway. Why not spend it all in one place and earn money back?
  2. Extra Rewards Coupons
    You have seen the bright red machine when you walk into CVS. This machine spits out coupons that are current promotions and also deals that you can choose to have sent to your card at cvs.com. I highly recommend checking the CVS app or the Extra Rewards section of cvs.com when you are planning your health/hygiene purchase for the month to see if there are any coupons on products you are planning to buy.
  3. Shopping at CVS Can Save You a Lot of Money.
    If you plan your purchases accordingly, using sales and manufacturer’s coupons, in combination with Extra Rewards coupons, you can see your total on the register go down 50… 75%… I’ve even seen people walk out with FREE stuff. 
  4. CVS App
    The CVS app allows you to accomplish a lot of helpful tasks all in one place:

    • pull up your card (I know I lost mines a long time ago),
    • view the status of your prescriptions and order refills,
    • scan a product in the store
    • view the weekly ad and your available
    • and a million more things…
  5. CVS Pharmacy helps you manage your health.
    I don’t really like to take medicine, but when I must, CVS is my preferred pharmacy. They have convenient features like:

    • auto refills (they even contacted my doctor when my birth control ran out)
    • ordering refills from wherever you are at any time.
    • access to your (and your family’s) complete, detailed prescription history you can pull up anywhere (like in the doctor’s office or the ER)
    • notifications when your prescription is ready so you don’t have to waste time waiting
    • you can even refill your prescriptions online for home delivery.
  6. CVS is Everywhere.
    You can always find a CVS when you need one, no matter where you are and there’s always a 24-hour CVS within driving distance. And now, CVS Pharmacy is at Target! Read more: https://www.cvs.com/help/target_help_index.jsp?WT.ac=CVS-M-TGT-RX-V1-42020-357X24-PZ
  7. Coin Star
    When I need to cash in my change, I know where I can find a Coin Star machine to turn my coins into dollars!
  8. CVS cares about community inclusion.
    CVS has a strong commitment to hiring people with disabilities. Inclusion and opportunities for people with disabilities is something I value, so I choose to spend my money there.
  9. SNACKS!
    I don’t know if you’ve ever wandered down the snack aisles of CVS… but they have the best selection of scooby snacks in the world. They have many healthy choices for snacks too, not just the standard junk food.
  10. They sell liquor.
    I don’t think anything else needs to be said here.


If you aren’t enrolled in CVS Extra Care Rewards, visit them online and sign up today!


Photo: package of Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean pods (21 ct) on sale at CVS for $1.99

Laundry soap for $1.99 at CVS

Tell me how I just got 60 pods for the price of 20 at CVS?! (I bought 3 packages at $1.99 for a grand total of $5.97)

I was getting ready to take my clothes and bedding to the laundromat and low and behold, all Arm & Hammer laundry soap is on sale at CVS.

Now I’m mad I didn’t buy all of them off the shelf.

This lady walkin through CVS was clearly hunting deals so I told her about it and she said, “There’ll be a coupon for those in the paper tomorrow.” To which I replied, “If you get the Examiner on Saturdays you get the coupons early.”

I love saving money, and I love CVS, so tonight was definitely a win-win. The only pitfall was laundromat man wasn’t at work tonite 😂

Photo: old lady supplies from CVS

Saving $$$ at CVS

First of all, let me say: none of the pictured items were for me!

The other day, I had to go buy a bunch of supplies for my grandma, who just got home after a long stint in the hospital and rehab.

I do most of my personal shopping at CVS. I have consistently saved 40% on my last two large shopping trips.

Here is my strategy:

  1. I always take a list.
  2. I always try to look for manufacturer’s coupons for what I know I will buy.
  3. I couple my coupons with CVS Extra Rewards coupons and Extra bucks.

Photo: old lady supplies from CVS

When the cashier hit TOTAL on my purchase, it was over $60! I started freaking out, but then she applied my coupons and CVS Extra Rewards:

  • Manufacturer’s Coupon – 25 cents off Palmolive
  • Manufacturer’s Coupon – $2 off Poise Pads
  • Manufacturer’s Coupon – $3 off Depends
  • CVS Extra Rewards coupon: $6 off $30
  • CVS Extra Rewards $5
  • BOGO CVS vitamins made her multivitamins FREE (total value $7.99)


So, I was able to get her things for $35.

I love CVS.  Even though their prices may be higher on some things, if you use your brain, you can end up saving money.  CVS rewards you based on how much you spend, so if you are faithful to them, you will rack up rewards.  I know I’m looking forward to my birthday, when they will throw me some money!  To read up on how ExtraCare Rewards work, check out this blog post: http://www.pennypinchinmom.com/cvs101-general-faqs-2/

Free laundry detergent at CVS

No, CVS is not giving away free soap.. but I can show you how I hustled up my monthly soap supply for free!

I always love coming to the laundromat!

Today I’m ecstatic for two reasons:
1) Laundromat man is here so I have someone to bat my eyes at while I’m washing 😜
2) I just saved 69% off my purchase at CVS and got my laundry detergent free.

Here’s how:

I had $5 extra rewards from when I purchased my makeup last week. CVS had a 14CT pack of Tide Pods on sale for $4.99.

My total purchase amount was $3.85.  I used a 25% off coupon I had gotten in the mail and I also purchased a 24 ct bottle of CVS brand acetaminophen (used a $1.50 off coupon) and a big ass bag of CVS brand funyuns.

The only thing I would have done differently was I would have used the 25% off coupon last week when I spent $30 on my hygiene supplies (but I was rushing and I forgot- an important lesson in planning your shopping trip).

If you’re not signed up for extra care rewards with CVS, you need to visit their website now! I always end up getting deals when I shop there.

Another word of advice: don’t get so farklempt by the laundromat man that you forgot to start one of your loads of clothes!

Until next time…. Ya girl


Ghetto Sara Lee

CVS personal/hygiene spending for August - savings with my ExtraCare Rewards

OMG Savings at CVS!

I am not what you would call a loyal shopper by any means, but I do believe brand loyalty pays off. That’s why I stick with certain stores for certain things.

A girl’s gotta stay clean! When it comes to personal supplies like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, I go to CVS because your spending adds up quarterly and they constantly reward you for shopping there with coupons and additional coupons and offer chances to earn more rewards. One thing I like about CVS is if you can’t print your coupons, you can send rewards they send you to your card and print them in the store (yeah, I have a printer but it’s all out of ink :P)

When I first got paid, I stopped in to CVS to get some cash back and bought some L’Oreal True Match Mineral Powder (Nudge Beige) and a three-pack of gum. When I bought the face powder, I noticed an offer for $5.00 ExtraBucks when you spent $15 on L’Oreal products. I am loyal to this product. I won’t pay more than $10 for it– so I shop around from store to store to see who has the best deal on this. I knew I would get that $5 ExtraBucks that I could use when I was ready for my monthly supply run.

I paid $7.67. I saved 61% or $11.33.

The receipt breakdown is as follows:

CVS personal/hygiene spending for August - savings with my ExtraCare RewardsHerbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Conditioner (on sale for 2/$6)
Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo (on sale for 25% off)
Caress Daily Silk Body Wash ($2 off with CVS coupon)
CVS Tampons (regular) 18 pack (20% off with CVS coupon)

I also got my birth control prescription (FREE… thanks Obamacare! &yes, you do just walk into CVS and hand them the prescription at first, then you can auto-refill it and pick it up and you don’t pay.. if your coverage works like that.)

My total savings this year with CVS ExtraRewards is $51.20. If you sign up or participate in ExtraRewards, make sure you are also signed up for the Beauty Club as well, which just adds to your rewards.

I’m a fairly simple girl. I know that these few items and some face powder isn’t necessarily what most people buy. The point is, I went in with a list, a little bit of preparation, and an idea of how much I could save if I combined all of the various offers. Next time we revisit CVS ExtraRewards, we will hear from one of my girls who puts way more effort into looking fabulous than me 🙂