Logo: Cargo Largo Cargo Largo is Ghetto Sara Lee approved - The #1 reason I love Cargo Largo is that it enables me to live the lifestyle I choose within my budget. For those of you who don’t know, Cargo Largo is a resale store located in Independence, Missouri off of 35th and Noland Road. They sell food, household items, baby items, toys, clothes, hardware, and […]
Graphic: Ting art My phone bill was $30 last month with Ting - Are you always around WiFi? Are you sick of paying a high phone bill? If your answer is “yes,” you should consider using Ting as your wireless service provider. With Ting, you only pay for what you use. If you have WiFi at home, have WiFi at work, have access to WiFi  most other places you […]
Logo: CVS Pharmacy 10 Reasons I Love CVS - I’m sure by now you can tell that I have a deep affinity for CVS. To help you understand why I am so enthusiastic about CVS, I have put together this list of reasons why it is my go-to spot for health and a lot of my personal shopping! Extra Rewards Bucks Who doesn’t love […]
Photo: Stacks of $100 bills banded together. Credit: 401kcalculator.org File your taxes for free (if you make less than $50Gs) - Don’t be a sucker. You don’t have to be a CPA to do your taxes. You don’t have to go to Jackson Hewitt or H & R Block. Don’t fall prey to the dancing Statues of Liberty and Uncle Sams. You can complete and file your federal and state taxes with no cost in the […]
Photo: from left: Plastic bottle of Hy-vee brand ground ginger, American Fare ground black pepper, and a bottle of ground turmeric next to a saucepan with turmeric milk in it on the stove. How to Beat a Cold without Spending a ton of Money on Medicine - Two words: Turmeric Milk. Last week, I came down with a cold. One of my friends suggested I try turmeric as a means to beat my illness.  They sent me a link to Fresh Bites Daily’s recipe for Turmeric Milk. From Fresh Bites Daily Turmeric Milk Ingredients 2 cups of milk (or substitute coconut milk) […]
Photo: package of Arm & Hammer plus OxiClean pods (21 ct) on sale at CVS for $1.99 Laundry soap for $1.99 at CVS - Tell me how I just got 60 pods for the price of 20 at CVS?! (I bought 3 packages at $1.99 for a grand total of $5.97) I was getting ready to take my clothes and bedding to the laundromat and low and behold, all Arm & Hammer laundry soap is on sale at CVS. […]
Make this your new anthem: $ave Dat Money -   Rap game got it all wrong We ain’t ’bout to go and spend money just to flex on them We ain’t really got it like y’all (Yeah, baby!) I’m a type of motherfucker that’ll check the check Do the math, I ain’t never gettin’ robbed   F@#! what they’re talking about on TV and […]
Analyze your energy usage like a boss - I was inspired to write this post tonight as I am paying my bills. It usually takes me 15 minutes tops to pay them all. I never pay any bills in person and I don’t mail anything. I’ve always peeped my energy usage out occasionally to see how it compares to the weather, but I […]
Photo: a bunch of credit offers strewn all over the floor Don’t worry about your credit (too much) - I have shitty credit. Okay, according to the credit bureaus, it is Very Poor. My credit is bad from a series of very bad, lovestruck decisions prior to 2010, when I filed bankruptcy. And then some more stupid, lovesick choices that have been really keeping me down.  A lesson I have learned through all of this […]
Photo: old lady supplies from CVS Saving $$$ at CVS - First of all, let me say: none of the pictured items were for me! The other day, I had to go buy a bunch of supplies for my grandma, who just got home after a long stint in the hospital and rehab. I do most of my personal shopping at CVS. I have consistently saved […]
Free laundry detergent at CVS - No, CVS is not giving away free soap.. but I can show you how I hustled up my monthly soap supply for free! I always love coming to the laundromat! Today I’m ecstatic for two reasons: 1) Laundromat man is here so I have someone to bat my eyes at while I’m washing 😜 2) […]
Banner: Netspend referral Just in time for Taxes: Netspend Prepaid Debit Card - While I do not declare myself officially “unbanked,” I prefer not to deal with your average every day banking institution.  That’s why I use Netspend. I get my paychecks 1-2 days early (which is a great thing, especially if you only get paid once a month).  Netspend doesn’t hang on to your money like other […]
CVS personal/hygiene spending for August - savings with my ExtraCare Rewards OMG Savings at CVS! - I am not what you would call a loyal shopper by any means, but I do believe brand loyalty pays off. That’s why I stick with certain stores for certain things. A girl’s gotta stay clean! When it comes to personal supplies like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, I go to CVS because your spending […]
Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner and Oil of Olay body wash How I saved almost half off at CVS - I spent a total of $9.75 at CVS the other day for my essential personal hygiene supplies for the month. Herbal Essences Tealightfully Clean Shampoo (10 oz) [On sale for 2/$6 from $4.39 each + MFR coupon $1 off when you buy 2] Herbal Essences Tealightfully Clean Shampoo (10 oz) [On sale for 2/$6 from $4.39 […]