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Logo: Cargo Largo Cargo Largo is Ghetto Sara Lee approved - The #1 reason I love Cargo Largo is that it enables me to live the lifestyle I choose within my budget. For those of you who don’t know, Cargo Largo is a resale store located in Independence, Missouri off of 35th and Noland Road. They sell food, household items, baby items, toys, clothes, hardware, and […]
Photo: 8x8 HDX wall patch, spackle knife, and spackle bought at Home Depot You don’t need a man (or a lot of money) to patch a hole in the wall - Today I learned that it is pretty easy to patch a hole in the wall.  If it is relatively small, you can just use putty/spackle to cover the hole.  However, if it is large, you will have to get a patch to help you keep the spackle in place. The hole pictured below has been […]
New photos added to the garden chronicle New photos added to the garden chronicle: Growing food in the hood - About a month ago, I started a garden in my backyard with the help of my very knowledgeable friend. I just added a bunch of new photos. I think my plants are doing great, but only time will tell! This is my very first garden, so you can learn along with me. You can follow […]
Jar of minced garlic from the Dollar Tree Garlic - Why the Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places.. Garlic is at least $2 a jar at the grocery store pre-minced.   The Dollar Tree sells this wonderful jar of minced garlic that lasts at least a couple of months for, that’s right, only $1! TAGS: dollar treepantry essentials