About Ghetto Sara Lee

Photo collage of author of blog, RachelMy name is Rachel and I’d like to welcome you to my blog, Ghetto Sara Lee.

What is this blog about?
Let’s face it. Times are tough. We are all struggling to survive. Everyone everywhere is looking for ways to save money and get out of debt. I am no different.

I find myself learning a lot of lessons through my mishaps and adventures every day, lessons that your mom might not have taught you or things they might not talk about in school. I am constantly experimenting and trying new things to discover ways to make food last, keep from running out from vital necessities, take care of my pets, and pinch my pennies so I’m not broke until payday.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m in debt. I’ve borrowed money from relatives, taken out payday and installment loans, juggled bills, and damn, I’ve even declared bankruptcy.

I try to come up with hustles on the side so I can make extra money, whether that’s giving rides, and so on. But every month, it’s not enough.

Being an adult is hard. Parents and aunties and older coworkers have experience and information we often stumble upon by accident. Instead of keeping it to ourselves, we should share it with each other so we can all work ourselves out of our troubles and upgrading ourselves.

We cannot get out of our situations if we don’t know how. I like to share my knowledge and experiences with the world so other people can benefit from them; information is meant to be shared!

I have some lofty goals, like exposing payday loan companies and how they work. I also want to persuade youngsters like me to get more engaged in their community. But mainly, I want to show you simple ways you can stay fed, take care of your pets, upgrade your home, entertain others, and afford a nightlife on a budget.

Some things I share with you may be discoveries I made purposefully or by accident, some come from my mom, some may be pieces of hood knowledge from aunties, neighbors and friends, customs from another culture, and some may come from other people like me posted up on the web trying to accomplish the same thing.


About Rachel
I’m 31 years old and some change. I just launched my own graphic, web and media design business and volunteer for a million different things. I have been taking care of my grandma for over three years now. I chronicle my caregiving adventures at takingcareofgrandma.com. I am passionate about people and animals. I have two cats and two dogs! I love technology and Internet and finding/sharing information. I enjoy cooking and baking and entertaining family and friends. One of my favorite ways to spend my time is crafting and upgrading my home. I love knowledge and everyone I know keeps telling me I need to go on Jeopardy or Cash Cab. More than a lot of things I love music. We are always playing music around the house and looking for new music. I like hip hop the best but love all kinds, including classic rock, alternative, reggae, and world music.

I want to live a life that revolves around more than money and material wealth. I believe this means understanding the systems (financial, political, bureaucratic, market, and so on) that exist in our community use them to our advantage and getting involved so your story is heard and voice counts.

I live in Kansas City. I grew up in Blue Springs, a fairly large suburb outside of KC. My mom was a single parent who has worked multiple jobs for as long as I can remember (up until a couple years ago, she was still working two full time jobs!) to provide for us and pay debts. I have been working since I was 16 years old. I moved out of my mom’s house when I was 18 and worked two or three jobs through college to support myself.

Now I’m 31 and I stay in the hood. I graduated with my master’s degree a few years ago. Luckily I managed to graduate from my undergrad with no student loan debt. With my master’s, that isn’t the case.

Now that I am self-employed, a new adventure begins.


No matter why you are here, I welcome you! I hope you will join me as I continue chronicling my adventures in adulthood. I believe in being sociable and sharing, so if I find cool stuff, I’ll share it with you and if you find smart hacks, email them to me or holla at me on your favorite social media channel!