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Analyze your energy usage like a boss

I was inspired to write this post tonight as I am paying my bills.

It usually takes me 15 minutes tops to pay them all. I never pay any bills in person and I don’t mail anything.

I’ve always peeped my energy usage out occasionally to see how it compares to the weather, but I noticed tonight that KCP&L really upgraded their online customer account dashboard.

Peep these nice graphs out!

You might notice that my energy usage has decreased quite a bit.  That is because I literally unplugged everything that I don’t frequently use (coffee maker, microwave, chargers, power cords) and only have a light on in one room – the room I’m in.  The only things that stay plugged in are my refrigerator, TV and stove.  When I am not charging my devices, and trust me, there are plenty of those here, I unplug the chargers.

In the winter, I run the heater when I’m home and I’m cold.  After the house warms up, and when I leave, I turn it off.  In the summer, I use fans and open windows as much as possible, and if I must, I turn on my window units.  When I first moved into this house, it was the beginning of August.  I didn’t have nay air conditioner.  I have worked myself up to two window units and still have managed to keep my energy costs very reasonable.

The bottom line is if you make an effort to conserve energy, you can save a lot of money!


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