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Free laundry detergent at CVS

No, CVS is not giving away free soap.. but I can show you how I hustled up my monthly soap supply for free!

I always love coming to the laundromat!

Today I’m ecstatic for two reasons:
1) Laundromat man is here so I have someone to bat my eyes at while I’m washing 😜
2) I just saved 69% off my purchase at CVS and got my laundry detergent free.

Here’s how:

I had $5 extra rewards from when I purchased my makeup last week. CVS had a 14CT pack of Tide Pods on sale for $4.99.

My total purchase amount was $3.85.  I used a 25% off coupon I had gotten in the mail and I also purchased a 24 ct bottle of CVS brand acetaminophen (used a $1.50 off coupon) and a big ass bag of CVS brand funyuns.

The only thing I would have done differently was I would have used the 25% off coupon last week when I spent $30 on my hygiene supplies (but I was rushing and I forgot- an important lesson in planning your shopping trip).

If you’re not signed up for extra care rewards with CVS, you need to visit their website now! I always end up getting deals when I shop there.

Another word of advice: don’t get so farklempt by the laundromat man that you forgot to start one of your loads of clothes!

Until next time…. Ya girl


Ghetto Sara Lee