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My phone bill was $30 last month with Ting

Graphic: Ting art

Are you always around WiFi? Are you sick of paying a high phone bill?

If your answer is “yes,” you should consider using Ting as your wireless service provider. With Ting, you only pay for what you use.

If you

  1. have WiFi at home,
  2. have WiFi at work,
  3. have access to WiFi  most other places you go (your grandma’s, your friends’, the grocery store, in the airport, at a hotel, on and on),

then you can easily be relying on WiFi for your data, messaging, and calls and saving a ton of money.

Ting’s dashboard estimates your usage based on your current month’s usage. On January 17, Ting estimated my bill would be $42, but with a little discipline, I was able to keep it below that.

I was intentional about how I used my phone to try and save myself some money. I called on Wifi (Vonage app), used messaging apps (Whatsapp or Google+ Hangouts) or emails, and limited my web browsing and searching while out and about.  

This is how much it has cost me over the last six months. I have already pocketed over $80 that I would have forked over to my previous provider, Virgin Mobile, where my unlimited plan cost me $56 monthly.

Ting Billing History screen

My $30 phone bill for January brought my average monthly bill down to $39.

I had two high bills in November I was planning a huge party for my grandma, and then in December one of my loved ones spent a week in the hospital. Now that everything is back to normal, my phone bill is lower than it’s ever been before. 

If you decide to Ting will work for you, sign up using my link and we will both get credit!