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OMG Savings at CVS!

CVS personal/hygiene spending for August - savings with my ExtraCare Rewards

I am not what you would call a loyal shopper by any means, but I do believe brand loyalty pays off. That’s why I stick with certain stores for certain things.

A girl’s gotta stay clean! When it comes to personal supplies like shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, I go to CVS because your spending adds up quarterly and they constantly reward you for shopping there with coupons and additional coupons and offer chances to earn more rewards. One thing I like about CVS is if you can’t print your coupons, you can send rewards they send you to your card and print them in the store (yeah, I have a printer but it’s all out of ink :P)

When I first got paid, I stopped in to CVS to get some cash back and bought some L’Oreal True Match Mineral Powder (Nudge Beige) and a three-pack of gum. When I bought the face powder, I noticed an offer for $5.00 ExtraBucks when you spent $15 on L’Oreal products. I am loyal to this product. I won’t pay more than $10 for it– so I shop around from store to store to see who has the best deal on this. I knew I would get that $5 ExtraBucks that I could use when I was ready for my monthly supply run.

I paid $7.67. I saved 61% or $11.33.

The receipt breakdown is as follows:

CVS personal/hygiene spending for August - savings with my ExtraCare RewardsHerbal Essences Moroccan My Shine Conditioner (on sale for 2/$6)
Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo (on sale for 25% off)
Caress Daily Silk Body Wash ($2 off with CVS coupon)
CVS Tampons (regular) 18 pack (20% off with CVS coupon)

I also got my birth control prescription (FREE… thanks Obamacare! &yes, you do just walk into CVS and hand them the prescription at first, then you can auto-refill it and pick it up and you don’t pay.. if your coverage works like that.)

My total savings this year with CVS ExtraRewards is $51.20. If you sign up or participate in ExtraRewards, make sure you are also signed up for the Beauty Club as well, which just adds to your rewards.

I’m a fairly simple girl. I know that these few items and some face powder isn’t necessarily what most people buy. The point is, I went in with a list, a little bit of preparation, and an idea of how much I could save if I combined all of the various offers. Next time we revisit CVS ExtraRewards, we will hear from one of my girls who puts way more effort into looking fabulous than me ­čÖé