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Saving $$$ at CVS

Photo: old lady supplies from CVS

First of all, let me say: none of the pictured items were for me!

The other day, I had to go buy a bunch of supplies for my grandma, who just got home after a long stint in the hospital and rehab.

I do most of my personal shopping at CVS. I have consistently saved 40% on my last two large shopping trips.

Here is my strategy:

  1. I always take a list.
  2. I always try to look for manufacturer’s coupons for what I know I will buy.
  3. I couple my coupons with CVS Extra Rewards coupons and Extra bucks.

Photo: old lady supplies from CVS

When the cashier hit TOTAL on my purchase, it was over $60! I started freaking out, but then she applied my coupons and CVS Extra Rewards:

  • Manufacturer’s Coupon – 25 cents off Palmolive
  • Manufacturer’s Coupon – $2 off Poise Pads
  • Manufacturer’s Coupon – $3 off Depends
  • CVS Extra Rewards coupon: $6 off $30
  • CVS Extra Rewards $5
  • BOGO CVS vitamins made her multivitamins FREE (total value $7.99)


So, I was able to get her things for $35.

I love CVS.  Even though their prices may be higher on some things, if you use your brain, you can end up saving money.  CVS rewards you based on how much you spend, so if you are faithful to them, you will rack up rewards.  I know I’m looking forward to my birthday, when they will throw me some money!  To read up on how ExtraCare Rewards work, check out this blog post: http://www.pennypinchinmom.com/cvs101-general-faqs-2/